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I'm a self taught designer born and raised in Toronto. My journey in lettering began in 2016 as a way to de-stress from crazy work schedules at a start-up agency. I got lost in the strokes and swirls, and since I haven't stopped creating. Building a business happened accidentally when I began lettering for friends who were getting married and starting families. I loved the feeling of creating beautiful one of a kind pieces, that brought so much joy to someone else at a milestone moment in their life. 

Prior to birthing Lettered, I went to business school in Waterloo. I worked for 7 years across marketing, advertising, and sales for brands including L'Oreal, Toyota, Smucker's, Kimberly-Clarke, and Flipp. Most recently I completed a 10-week intensive course in User Experience Design. 

I spent a lot of years doing photography, working in print and advertising, and most recently studying user experience design. My approach to design takes inspiration from these disciplines, I use the below as my guiding principals: 

1. Negative Space 

2. Minimalistic 

3. User first

4. Bold colours, textures & good type

5. Timeless factor

When I'm not lettering, I enjoy cooking & baking, drinking bottomless mimosas in foreign countries with my partner, watching Bollywood films, eating all the vegan food, people watching, and obsessing over my cute nephew.

Now that I'm done telling my little life story, it's your turn! Drop me a line and tell me about yourself (and more importantly when we can go get a mimosa together):  

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